Optiswiss Special Products

Innovation is at our core

Pure Diamond

For customers looking for a unique frame and lens combination we can integrate pure diamonds into the front surface of the lens mounted in an 18 carat gold inset. Pure Diamond 1.5 mm (0.012 ct) and 2.0 mm (0.029 ct) are available

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For customers who really want to stand out, we have partnered with Swarovski to incorporate Swarovski Zirconia stones into the front surface of our lenses to add a touch of glamour. Available in Varifocal and Single Vision 1.60 index – clear and Transitions.

IBS Lenses

The First Corrective Lenses with both Visual and Postural Impact. The innovative nature of IBS LENSES lies in their impact on posture and vision. Wearing IBS LENSES immediately optimizes the individual's alignment, thus improving their postural balance and increasing the stability of their binocular vision.

Remote Edging

All of our lenses can be ordered via remote edging and are automatically optimised. One of our team members will help you get started and will train your staff on how to use the system.

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