Established in 2015, Deepcove Optical offers lens brands that enable independent practices to stand apart from their competitors and give patients a reason to visit and discover products not available via the chains.

Optiswiss lenses are manufactured in Switzerland and come with the heritage and exceptional brand pedigree gained by manufacturing lenses since 1937. The Optiswiss range helps opticians not only to differentiate but also inspires quality as the 'Made in Switzerland' mark is a globally accepted sign of precision and quality.

Our Deepcove range is manufactured in a brand new European factory, using the latest technology. We have developed this range with the more cost conscious patients in mind but without compromising on quality.

We value our customers and we offer a unique and customised approach for each of our customers. We are not only supplying high quality lenses but we also offer an exceptional dedicated service which includes business building strategies and support.

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