Optiswiss - Varifocal Lenses

Optiswiss is focused on manufacturing the very best digitally surfaced varifocal lenses on the market. The comprehensive range utilises unique designs developed in-house to offer superior vision to suit all patients.

Manufactured using the latest technology to deliver very high quality and exceptional wearer comfort, Optiswiss offers the right lens for every requirement, from standard progressive lenses up to high tech premium lenses.

Be 4ty+ HDQ – The varifocal lens as unique as your customers

be 4ty+ HDQ is a fully personalised premium progressive index 1.5, double sided hard coated, produced by using latest "Swiss HD- Technology".

Due to its high precision of design, be 4ty+ HDQ is meant for all presbyopes, especially those, who set a high value on absolute Individuality. It is suited for first time wearers those switching from other variable focus lens systems

The combination of sophisticated technologies creates a customised lens architecture. Design the lens based on individual parameters and using QUBE, COD, NZP and FMAT technologies. This combination produces an optimal and customised vision experience.

be 4ty+ HD - provides the highest degree of visual comfort
be 4ty+ HD, the most modern freeform varifocal lens from Optiswiss, is produced using high precision Swiss HD technology. Over 40‘000 measurement points are factored into the manufacture of the lens. The result are quality lenses that offer greater optical precision than any others – for high-resolution vision with exceptional contrast definition.

Available in 3 versions:

be 4ty+ Perfect is the fully customised version, for spectacle wearers with changing wearing conditions. All personal parameters are factored into the lens calculation. The HD5 offers a choice of 7 channel lengths.

be 4ty+ Life is a light version of the Perfect. The pupil distance is factored into the lens calculation as an individual parameter. The HD1 offers a choice of 7 channel lengths.

be 4ty+ Easy uses standard values. It offers a choice of 7 channel lengths.

PX+ Life and PX+ Easy - The modern progressive lenses
The design of PX+ varifocal lenses was developed to fulfil today‘s visual needs (computer, smart phone, etc.). Manufactured using the latest Freeform technology, the PX+ progressive lenses can now be offered with two options:

PX+ Easy
The parameters used to calculate the design of the lens are based on average values. The PX+ Classic offers a choice of three channel lengths.

PX+ Life
With these lenses the pupil distance of the spectacle wearer is included in the design calculations. The results are better fields of view and an optimum inset progression. PX+ Life also offers a choice of three channel lengths

Pro Orga - standard progressive lens using Freeform production
With its hard Freeform design, the PRO ORGA / PRO POLY meets the day-to-day requirements of the patient and delivers excellent quality at an affordable value.

Introducing Optiswiss be 4ty+ Biometrics

The new dimension in varifocal lenses

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new varifocal lens which utilises very accurate biometric measurements taken by the Oculus Myopia Master to create a truly customised varifocal lens matching the specific parameters of the patient.

Biometric Parameters:

  1. Axial Length
  2. Pupil Diameter
  3. Centre of Rotation

The new design works in conjunction with the new Oculus Myopia Master available from Birmingham Optical and utilises 3 very accurate measurements which are then uploaded into the Optiswiss ordering system and integrated into the Optiswiss lens design.

Oculus Myopia Master - Refraction, Axial length and Keratometry

The Myopia Master® from OCULUS now enables Eye Care Professionals to position themselves optimally for the future. The Myopia Master® combines the most important parameters, making myopia detection and management much easier and more reliable than ever.

The device captures data from 3 main measurements: Auto refractor measurements, Keratometry readings and Axial length along with the pupil diameter measurement.

The Myopia Master not only unlocks your ability to monitor myopia but due to its accurate and repeatable measurements it now allows you access to the next generation of premium bespoke lenses from Optiswiss. Taking the parameters into a lens which is designed perfectly to match your eye, the Be 4ty+ Biometrics offers an unrivalled level of patient customisation.