Optiswiss - Sports Lenses

Optiswiss have built a comprehensive database of thousands of branded frames for which you can order ready cut wrapped lenses. The system is simple and intuitive. Select the frame model, fill in the prescription, choose the type of Swiss SPORT HD lens required and we will send you the lenses perfectly cut to fit the frame.

SPORT HD - Maximum performance level for your eyes

Optiswiss has developed SPORT HD, individual sport lenses that are especially adapted to the visual requirements of sports and high wrap frames.

SPORT HD is manufactured in Switzerland using the most innovative Freeform Swiss HD technology.

The latest calculation and production technology are used to manufacture these lenses in order to maximise the all-round visibility in sports with a tailored, individual lens!

One Sport HD
Individualised curved single vision lenses with perfect image sharpness up to the edge of the lens.

Individualised curved progressive lenses with a large, clear range and wide transition zone due to the long progression channel.

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