Optiswiss - Indoor Lenses

With people increasingly working on computers either at home or at work, it is important to have the right lens for the job. The correct lenses have the following advantages:

The largest possible fields of vision, both in the near and intermediate range

-Relaxed and ergonomic posture
-Harmonious and comfortable vision
-Increased concentration

Nearis HD - The perfect near comfort lens with personal parameters
This lens is a high-resolution premium near comfort lens made using state-of-the-art Swiss HD technology.

The Nearis HD lens ensures maximum visual comfort meeting todays demands as all personal parameters of the wearer flow into lens design and calculation.

To optimise wearing comfort and visual acuity we recommend that all lenses are sold with a high-performance Optiplas anti-reflection coating package.

Product benefits:

-Manufactured using the latest Swiss HD technology
-Available in 3 categories: OFFICE, DESK, and READER, adapted to the needs of the patient.
-Wide and stable vision areas
-Extra large near range area
-Fatigue-free vision
-For natural, relaxed posture during computer work

Nearis HD OFFICE - Clear vision up to 4 meters. For frequent shifts of vision indoor. Ideal for working at the computer as well as for meetings and presentations.

Nearis HD DESK – Clear vision up to 2 meters. For an optimized intermediate vision at desk-distance.

Nearis HD READER - Clear vision up to 1 meter. For intensive screen-work.