Optiswiss Coatings

The complete coating package

Optiplas O+

The first coating for brilliant and authentic vision without residual reflection

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Optiplas Dual+ UV

The unique coating package for organic lenses, manufactured using the latest Dual+UV nanotechnology. Optiplas Dual+ UV offers a perfect combination of hardness and abrasion resistance, UV protection on the back surface of the ophthamlic lens, and therefore highest customer value.
- UV Protection
- Hydrophobic
- Anti-static
- Scratch resistant
- Super anti-reflective coating
- Oleophobic

Optiplas Blue CXUV

Provides preventative protection against excessive unnatural blue light rays and provides your eyes with increased viewing comfort.

Optiplas iMax+

The first achromatic super hydrophobic reflective coating "Made in Switzerland". The Optiplas i.Max is based on Optiswiss' first class coating package, Optiplas Max+. It only differs in its neutral colour residual reflection [± 1%]. It includes all the coating components of Optiplas Max+ and the associated advantages of a high quality spectacle lens coating.

Optiplas Max+

The maximum protection for your lenses consists of a super resistant hard coating (Permadur), a broad spectrum anti-reflective coating, an Easy-Clean layer and an antistatic coating. The Easy-Clean layer provides the hydrophobic, oleophobic properties of the lens surface. Dirt and grease particles cannot adhere to it. Cleaning the lenses is noticeably easier.

Optiplas SHA

A high quality Permadur hard coating package, a wide spectrum reflective coating and a layer that easily repels dirt and water.
- High transparency
- Excellent layer adhesion
- Attractive and comfortable
- Scratchproof - long life
- Repels grease and dirt particles
- Liquid-repellent protective layer

Optiplas SSO

Super broad band antireflection coating (concave-side) with UV coating and a green residual reflex. Recommended for all tinted, polarised sports lenses


Optiswiss offers mirroring in a variety of different colours to suit each patient.

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Optiswiss offers a wide range of colours. Standard colours, brown, grey and green, are available in many absorption levels and also as a graduated lens.

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